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Newsletter June 2010

Thank you to All Volunteers

As the year comes to a close we would like to thank all of the parents and community members who have volunteered for all of the projects, programs and special events we have had throughout the year. The combined efforts of a dedicated staff who go beyond the call of duty to provide enrichment for the students and the parents and community members who also are so willing to give of their time and talents make Sutherland a school that exceeds in every sense of the word. We plan to continue with all of our year end events and look forward to working together on these as well.

Carnival Volunteers Needed

We are working on plans for our end of the year carnival. Of course we need volunteers to prepare food and serve and run some games and supervise. The carnivals will take place on June 15th for grades K-3 and June 16th for grades 4-7 please call the school office if you can volunteer.

Ladders to Loan for a Day?
Chicago Cares

Chicago Cares has selected Sutherland for a service project again this year. We need to borrow ladders again. We also need volunteers adults to come and meet and greet say hello bring water etc to the volunteers as well as help out in other ways. They will be here on June 12th. We will be asking you to call the office if you are able to donate a ladder for use. We would like the ladders to be dropped off after school on the 10th or anytime during the day on the 11th of June. Please let the office know if you will be able to help us out. We also need help making sure things get cleared away form classroom walls and put back after they have finished as there will be school on Monday June 14th. Please let us know if you can help before or after with those things.

Illinois School Funding

There has been some improvement in the predictions and allocations for state funding for education although the exact details of how Sutherland will be impacted are not as of yet available. We thank all of you who took the time to write letters etc. as it appears we have been heard and look forward to hearing how the situation will improve.


Graduation details are posted on the school website. Graduation will take place on June 14th. We are planning many lovely activities for our graduates. All fees were due in April please be sure the fees have been taken care of.

Wax Museum

Fourth grade annual Wax Museum will take place on June 10th. Parents are invited to tour the museum on the 10th details will be provided to the students by the teachers.

Report Cards

Report Cards will go home on the last day of school June 18th. School is in session for 1 hour that day from 9 until 10 a.m. Please look for these from your children.

Study Island and RAZ-kids available all Summer

Study Island accounts are available for all students in grades 3-8.  This program is leveled and independent. These programs will be available for the summer as well. We also provide RAZ kids for students in grades K-2. We recommend that students use these programs frequently in order to be successful. A half hour a day will make a huge difference. Please encourage your child to use these programs.  


Early dismissals are frequent at Sutherland. There may be an emergency occasion when a child would need to be signed out. However, there are several individuals who frequently sign children out. Early dismissals before 2:15 will be counted as a half day absence early dismissals after 2:15 are discouraged.

Parent Portal

Parent Portal is available for grades 5-8. Please continue to check your child’s grades and assignments on Parent Portal.


As always we need for you to call in your child when they are ill. Please call in the morning by 9:15. You can leave a voice mail message at any time press 1 for attendance and leave your message. Homework is not automatically assigned if your child misses one day then they can get the assignments the next day when they return. If they will miss more than one day due to illness you can call on the second day early in the day before 9:15 and ask that assignments be gathered.

Safety and Security

There have been incidents in CPS schools that have occurred when students were unsupervised. It has been an issue at several schools for both alleged and actual occurrences therefore students are not allowed to go back in the building for forgotten belongings etc once dismissed. We have been asked to follow these procedures and we will be doing so.

Traffic around the School

The number of cars and the unsafe practices being demonstrated around the school are creating problems that are hazardous for our children. We need for parents to consider others and keep the flow of traffic moving. Individuals who park and watch their children stand in line create unnecessary conditions. People who talk on the cell phone while driving and are not paying attention to the adults directing traffic are adding to the problem creating further delays and back-ups. If you want to watch your child until they go in the building park at least on the next block and walk with them. Turning on 100th from Leavitt rather than going to 99th may be more convenient but creates further delay. We know that everyone agrees the safety of children is the most important thing to consider. We encourage you to consider walking or parking away from the perimeter of the school. We absolutely need parents to follow the rules and simply drop off their child and leave the premises safely. We have contacted the police department and they will be assisting us. Tickets will be issued to individuals who continue to follow unsafe practices. We would also appreciate volunteers who would help us manage the traffic and ensure the students are safe. A special thank you is extended to the two parents who volunteer daily. We sincerely appreciate your willingness to assist for the benefit of our students. If you would like to volunteer for Parent Patrol even a day or two per week please call the office and leave your name and contact information.


All newsletters, calendars and other pertinent information will be posted on this site.

PAWS Program

Please review the PAWS matrix of school wide behaviors with your child.

Arrival and Dismissal

Students are to arrive to school no earlier than 8:45. There is no one to supervise them before this time. Parents who can walk their children to school are encouraged to do so to keep the traffic to a minimum. Those who do drive are asked to drop their children off next to the curb and then leave the premises. Students are to be picked up at 2:45. No one should enter the parking lot before or after school, as there is a great deal of pedestrian traffic at that time. If your child forgets their lunch please know that we have extra lunches and they will be fed. Lunches can be purchased at the school.

Absence from School

Thanks to all the parents who have been calling the school to report absences from school. Please notify the school by telephone if your child will be absent from school. You can leave a voice mail at any time. We appreciate your cooperation. Parents should call the school when their child will be absent from school. It is important that we know that the students are safe. It is preferred that the parents call the school by 9:15 so that we know your child is at home with you. You can call and leave a voice mail anytime before 9:15 a.m.

Safety and Security

Visitors (anyone who is not a staff member or student) will not be allowed to be in the building unless they have entered through the office, signed in and received a visitor’s pass. Please do not enter with the children or through any door other than the office door on Hamilton to obtain a pass.



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